It was clear to me that it was not a performance per se, that there was shared power of inter-generational cultural identity in everyone and all of us were “participant observers.”
— Terence M. Liu, PhD. Ethnomusicology
The event was a great extension of what was being taught in socials studies and history classes... I found that culturally relevant and responsive strategies were embedded.
— Leah Bass Bailey, Los Angeles Unified S.D.
...I consider it to be an opportunity for the community and the university to support an outreach project that generates educational activities and performances that foster cultural pride and global learning.
— Cyrus Parker Jeannette, Dance Dept. Chair California State University, Long Beach
It is one thing to read in books about the greatness from which we came. It is another thing to see the African royalty reenacted right before your very eyes.
— T. Jackson, 6th Grd. Teacher, Monroe Magnet