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Recounting three thousand years
and over five thousand miles of the continent’s history.


About the Author and
Royal Court Literary Selection

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SAKKARA INGRID THOMAS was inspired to read and write about African Royalty after being crowned the first Miss Black Beauty of Long Beach, California as a student at Long Beach Poly High School (Home of Scholars and Champions). Queens of the Nile, Now reveals stories about African Queens and Kings and helps students understand what life was like for her ancestors before coming to America.  In ancient African matrilineal societies women had respect and equal rights and were thus afforded the opportunity to rule nations.  Her stories, revealed through the genre of the epic poem, focus on this tradition as seen through the lives of eight African heroines.  They represent example for boys and girls today of the legacy of African leadership prior to European Conquest. 

About the royal couture collection..."fit for a Queen"


The African continent is arguably the richest continent on the planet who's natural resources since the XXXX century have fueled the economies of Europe , Asia and America alike since the early XX century.  Queens Sakkara is a gifted fashion historian whose over 1000 pieces collection of vintage wardrobe will introduce students to Africa's

  • vast variety of Fauna (i.e. big cats, fish and fowl)
  • its many precious stones and metals 
  • the ancient African's knowledge and understanding of the workings universe.
  • communities that are recognized as the world's first hair braiders.
  • discover connections between the royal kente clothe of the Ashanti and 21st century African Americans.