When they learn the fairy tale of mythical king, queen and princess, we must let them hear too of Pharaohs and the African kings, queens and princesses and of the brilliant pageantry of the Valley of the Nile.
— Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune

Queens Historical Society brings ancient African history into the classroom via THE FESTIVAL OF AFRICAN ROYALTY, a classroom literacy program and field experience (trip).  THE FESTIVAL OF AFRICAN ROYALTY is a school-day field trip at a local university where African history travels from the "page to the stage" and theater becomes an extension of classroom learning. 

African Queenship...1500 BC - 1800 AD


"Four Thousand Years In Five Transformative Steps"

African Queens Live!


Students witness the celebration and recreation of eight of Africa's most renown rulers including Hatshepsut the first female pharaoh of ancient Kemet (Egypt) and a cast of more than 100 local middle/high school performing art students. The FAR formula, "4K in 5" reflects this multi-grade level collaborative, 4,000 years of history in 5 transformitive steps.