Official K-12 Schools Welcome Ceremony

Queens and princesses occupy and almost iconic place in youth culture from the fairy tale cartoons to college pageants, yet awareness and knowledge of true Queens in Africa where they are common, is almost non-existent.
— Cynthia Hewitt - Ph.D.

Wisdom & Purpose 2016 U.S. Tour

From fairy tales to beauty pageants, queens hold an iconic status in our culture. Ironically, the knowledge and awareness of Africa’s present-day queens is almost non-existent.  Beginning the week of March 29, 2016, Ghana’s queen mothers are honoring our communities across the United States with a very special Return-Visit. The Delegation is sponsored by Pan African Multimedia of Accra, Ghana, and hosted by the Boston Pan-African Forum. The primary objectives are to introduce the African Queenship to Americans, extend the benefits of study abroad to all students and their faculty, and to bring about a cross-cultural dialogue between African, African American and Native American communities on universal questions of family life and social goals. (click for more)