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Jali Adisa & Queen Sakkara’s


…featuring the majestic symphony music score by Stevie Wonder,

“Journey through the Secret Life of Plants”

…revealing the lives of eight of Africa’s most renowned Queens (leaders)


African Americans have a rich storytelling tradition that can be traced to their ancestral  homeland - Africa, and the JALI, the master storyteller.  His stories about the great Queens and Kings of Africa (leaders) impart key values, morals and traditions while maintaining a historical record of a people for future generations. They help a child develop a positive self-identity, good character, motivation to achieve and respect for one another.  

Queens not only taught students the diverse countries, cultures, positive rituals of Africa, but also the importance of appreciating differences.
— Heather Banks, Teacher - Long Beach USD
It all really made me feel like I was in Africa. While I was watching the queens, in the background I saw a desert full of people staring at the gorgeous queens.
— 4th Grade Student
It is one thing to read about the greatness from which we came, it is another thing to witness it reenacted right before our eyes.
— Toni Jackson, 6th Grade Teacher, LAUSD
There is no better lesson for me than to witness firsthand the pageants of African immigrants and African Americans.
— Teri Lu, PhD., Ethnomusicologist, NEA
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